IBM Q Network

Bringing quantum out of the lab and into the world.

IBM Q Network is a worldwide community of leading Fortune 500 companies, startups, academic institutions, and national research labs working with IBM to advance quantum computing and explore practical applications for business and science.

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IBM Q Hubs

IBM Q Hubs are regional centers of quantum computing education, research, development, and implementation that provide collaborators online access to IBM Q Systems.

Our hubs

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IBM Q Network Partners

IBM Q Network Partners explore a broad set of potential applications of quantum computing in their industry that could provide a quantum advantage – demonstrations of real-world problems that can be solved faster or more efficiently with a quantum computer than with a classical computer.

Our partners

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IBM Q Network Members

The IBM Q Network Members are organizations that seek to build their knowledge of general approaches to quantum computing and begin to investigate potential use cases by leveraging the resources of the IBM Q Network community for their industries.

Our members

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The Community

Scientists, engineers, developers, business leaders, professors, investors, and startup founders are the fabric of the IBM Q Network community. These individuals and organizations are advancing quantum by using IBM Q systems, technology, and open-source quantum software development kit, QISKit.