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IBM Programming Languages and Development Environments Seminar 2010
IBM Research - Haifa
April 14, 2010


9:00    Registration

9:30    Opening Remarks
Seminar organizers

9:35    Keynote: Deconstructing Java
Gilad Bracha

10:35   Break

10:45   Session I:
Tracing Garbage Collection on Highly Parallel Platforms
TKathy Barabash and Erez Petrank, Technion IIT

11:15   Poster session (light refreshments)

12:00   Session II:
Cedalion: A Language Oriented Programming Language
David H. Lorenz and Boaz Rosenan, The Open University of Israel

Refactoring in Multiple Representations: Code and Statecharts
Moria Abadi, Yishai A. Feldman, Tel Aviv University and IBM HRL

13:00  PLDE Madness
Brief five-minute presentations of ideas, viewpoints, thoughts – mail us to reserve your five minutes (

13:30 Lunch  

14:15  Keynote: PHP: Lessons in Language Design and Implementation
Michael Rodeh and Zeev Suraski, IBM HRL and Zend

15:15   Poster session (light refreshments)

15:45   Session III:
A Persistent Programming Language for the Semantic Web
Yaron Kanza and Vadim Eisenberg, Technion IIT

Ownership and Immutability in Generic Java (OIGJ)
Yoav Zibin, Alex Potanin, Paley Li, Mahmood Ali and Michael Ernst Presenter: Yossi Gil, Technion IIT

16:45   Concluding Remarks
Gabi Zodik, IBM HRL


Fine Slicing for Advanced Method Extraction
Aharon Abadi, Ran Ettinger and Yishai A. Feldman

Perscope Aspects: Decoupling Aspect Instantiation Interface and Implementation
David H. Lorenz and Victor Trakhtenberg

Granulated Code Generation Of Interfering Functionalities
Igor Gelfgat, Shmuel Tyszberowicz and Amiram Yehudai

Round-Trip Modeling Using OPM/PL
Mayer Goldberg and Guy Wiener

MATCON – Method-Based Approach and Tools for CONsultants
Natalia Razinkov and Elad Fein

Management of Correctness Problems in UML Class Diagrams – Towards a Pattern-based Approach
Mira Balaban, Azzam Maraee and Arnon Sturm

Ink The Blot Language
Atzmon Hen-Tov, David H. Lorenz, and Lior Schachter

Towards Optimal Runtime Integrity Checking of OCL
Gil Kaspi and Mira Balaban

Communicating Transactional State Machines – A Paradigm for Enterprise Data Processing Applications
Uri Shani and Aviad Sela



Gizmox ,Einat Smadar
GoMidjets,  Tamir Gefen

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