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Networking in the Cloud Era
Technical Seminar

November 28, 2010
Organized by IBM R&D Labs in Israel
IBM Research Lab Auditorium, Haifa


Time Title Speaker/Affiliation
13:00 Gathering and Coffee  
13:20 Introductory Remarks Yaron Wolfsthal, IBM
Technical Session 1
13:30 Efficient Live Migration in the Cloud Prof. Danny Raz, Technion
14:00 Network Virtualization David Hadas, IBM
14:30 IBM's PowerEN Developer Cloud: Fertile Ground for Academic Research Amit Golander, IBM
15:00 Coffee Break  
Technical Session 2
15:30 Optimizing Application Delivery for Cloud Services Amir Peles, Radware
16:00 Distributed Oblivious Load Balancing Using Prioritized Job Replication Amir Nahir, Technion & IBM

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