The Challenge

For ECAI 2016, we challenge AI researchers, students and anyone interested and capable to use data from/about artificial intelligence, and come up with an idea and corresponding data-driven demonstration, that explains, or answers questions on the "ethical and societal aspects of AI" to the general public.

The AIckathon

The AIckathon challenge starts on 1 August 2016 At the AIckathon workshop, to be held on 29 August (conference workshop day), participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss their work. An independent jury will identify a winner for the best work, who will receive a prize of 500 euros contributed by IBM.


IBM Bluemix

Participants are free to use whatever tools they may like. However, next to the general AIckathon prize, IBM is awarding a "Bluemix Award" for the best demonstrator on IBM Bluemix.


We encourage AIcathon participants to use any (or all) of the datasets listed below.


As a starting point, IOS Press has kindly provided the full set of ECAI proceedings, to be used within the scope of this AIckathon. Alternatively, participants are encouraged to use other sources for their demonstrations, yet one of the jury criteria will be the use of scientific materials, such as ECAI proceedings.


The proceedings of the IJCAI are currently available (starting as early as 1969!) for download through the following links.


All proceedings of the AAAI conferences from 1980 until now.

AIckathon organisers


Robert-Jan Sips
Zoltán Szlávik
Frank van Harmelen
robert-jan.sips at
zoltan.szlavik at
frank.van.harmelen at