At IBM Center for Advanced Studies Benelux, enthusiasm for innovation and research reflects everything we do. We are an IBM entity that drives and empowers the development of partnerships between IBM, clients and the scientific community, creating a lively ecosystem of the business world and the academia. Our mission is to innovate with the latest technologies in the areas of earth, health and work environment. Our goal is to become the biggest driving force of innovation and research in the Benelux, striving to disrupt what we consider as given.

Research takes place in cooperation with the academia. TU Delft and VU Amsterdam are our strongest partners, with whom we develop projects regarding the aforementioned areas. Then, innovation is present in all our activities. It is reflected in different programs that constantly go on in our department.

We create and develop innovative ideas into business solutions. We strive to always look ahead and promote research and innovation within IBM and externally. We develop solutions that combine the power of insight, strategy and systems to transcend any boundaries.

IBM Center for Advanced Studies Benelux creates an ideal environment for people who believe in our culture and are interested in research. Through our powerful Collaborative Innovation Centers, we build bridges between IBM and the academic world, in order to make a difference in our focus areas. If you are interested in knowing more about research opportunities at CAS,
don't hesitate to contact us!

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