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Faculty Awards Program - FAQ

How do I contact someone within IBM to submit a Faculty Award request?

It is recommended that you contact IBM employees from the IBM Research, Development, or Services organizations with whom you have an existing relationship. In most cases, such a relationship provides a good basis for developing a common interest for research collaboration or curriculum development. If your IBM contact is not familiar with the Faculty Awards program, he or she can access information via the IBM intranet.

Are there specific guidelines for submitting a Faculty Award request?

IBM seeks to support proposals that stimulate growth in disciplines and geographies that are strategic to IBM. We also encourage work that will be placed in the public domain and openly shared for the benefit of the entire technical or business community.

When are Faculty Award nominations due?

Nominations are managed with an on-going process from January through October of a calendar year.

How many times can an individual receive a Faculty Award?

IBM Faculty Awards are granted on an annual basis. The maximum award to any one recipient is 40,000 USD per year. While awards may be renewed annually, these nominations will engage in the same level of competition as first-time nominations.