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Have some fun and code your own AI robot with TJBot, a do-it-yourself template to learn, experiment with and explore AI using IBM Watson services. Get started with easy, step-by-step Instructions and pre-written recipes to bring TJBot to life.

TJBot full kit

Order or create your TJBot

To make TJBot you will need a 3D printed or laser cut robot body, a Raspberry Pi and a variety of add-ons to get started, including: a RGB LED light, a microphone, speaker, servo motor, wires, USB cable, and a camera. Make your own TJBot with your own parts or order a kit.

Order kit from Sparkfun

Other ways to order or make your TJBot

TJBot in a box
TJBot full kit

Assemble your TJBot

Once you get your kit or gather all of the necesaary components, it's time to assemble your TJBot! To build your TJBot, you'll need the following:

  • TJBot Laser Cut Cardboard or 3D Printed body
  • Raspberry Pi Model 3
  • 16GB NOOBS Card
  • USB Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Servo
  • LEDs
  • Wires
  • USB cable

Instructions Watch TJBot assembly

TJBot full kit
TJBot full kit

Code your TJBot to do stuff

Once your TJBot is assembled, it's time to connect your robot to IBM Watson services. You can get up and running quickly by using existing recipes or create your own!

View Instructables Recipes on GitHub

TJBot assembled

Explore and add Watson services to TJBot

Want to chat with TJBot or teach it to dance? TJBot uses a Raspberry Pi to connect to Watson Services and control various hardware components.

Watson Services Build your own TJBot with Watson Conversation


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