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Work with clients


What could be more important to a company than gaining an edge over others in the field? As a leader in the information technology industry, IBM and its Research division realize the importance of delivering innovation and competitive advantage to our clients. To aid them in achieving their specific goals, IBM Research has created IBM Research Services, the First-of-a-Kind program and the Industry Solutions Lab.

IBM Research Services

With IBM Research Services, Research's first ever client-facing group, IBM has set out to change the way we work in the services industry. Demonstrating innovation that matters, Researchers are available to partner with consultants from IBM Global Services on client engagements that explore cutting-edge ways to increase clients' flexibility and provide them with unique market advantages.

First-of-a-Kind (FOAK)

First-of-a-Kind projects are partnerships between IBM and clients that turn promising research into market-ready products. This is a great way to match researchers with target companies to explore new and innovative technologies for emerging opportunities. Clients have a research team to solve problems that don't have ready solutions. Researchers get immediate client feedback to further enhance their projects.

Industry Solutions Lab (ISL)

The Industry Solutions Labs, located in New York, Zurich, New Delhi and Beijing, give IBM clients the chance to discover how leading-edge technologies and innovative solutions can help solve business problems. Each visit is tailored to meet specific needs, focused enough to target an immediate sales objective or broad enough to cover an array of emerging technologies. The engagement generally lasts for one day and consists of presentations by IBM scientists and industry experts, collaborative discussions on specific business issues and demonstrations of key strategic solutions.

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