IBM Research @ Hartree Centre is seeking several outstanding PhD researchers to work as interns for three months in 2019 at the Daresbury Research facility in collaboration with the Science and Technology Facility Council’s Hartree Centre.

IBM Research @ Hartree Centre

The successful candidates will join the IBM Research team at Daresbury Laboratory, which aims to have tangible business impact in the UK industry through cutting edge research in technologies and applications — especially by implementing next-generation High-Performance Computing, Big Data and Cognitive Solutions.

Each intern will join one of the four IBM Research groups:
· Chemistry
· Life Sciences
· Engineering
· Enabling Technologies.
Please see the team website for more information.


Resident status

These are paid internships, and candidates must be either UK/EU citizens or possess a non-student working Visa. The interns will be IBM employees during their tenure and work done during the internship cannot be reused as part of a PhD dissertation. Permission to intermit the intern’s PhD for three months must be forthcoming from the intern’s academic supervisor and academic institution or university.

The three-month internships will take place over three cycles each year in spring, summer and autumn.


How to apply

Please submit your application in the form of a CV and cover letter to, with the relevant application reference number(s) highlighted in the header.