IBM Research - Ireland THINKLab

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At IBM Research – Ireland THINKLab, IBM researchers push the boundaries of science and technology alongside forward-thinking business pioneers.

We use advanced technology and old-fashioned collaboration to shape the future, together.

For 70 years, IBM Research has been an innovation engine for clients. From helping the Apollo space missions land on the moon to creating the first central reservation system for the travel industry. From the technology behind laser eye surgery to a question answering computer called Watson, IBM Research has a long legacy of working with clients to define the future of technology.

As industry leaders, our clients understand their own businesses and its challenges. The knowledge they bring to THINKLab is essential for creating change. When paired with one of the largest private research institutions in the world, we have the right combination of disciplines to solve the biggest business and technical challenges.

THINKLab is home to a large-scale interactive visualization featuring a galaxy of research innovations — each represented by a polyhedron. Using the galaxy of research, clients and scientists can collaborate to discover data, build models, conduct experiments and validate new solutions.

Want to learn more about our research in action?

Visit IBM Research THINKLab global website and contact IBM Research – Ireland's Liam Chambers with any queries you may have.