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Autonomic Computing

Vol. 42, No. 1, 2003

Order No. G321-0148

The development of autonomic computing will make systems capable of self-configuring, self-healing, self-optimizing, and self-protecting, analogous to the abilities of living organisms with autonomic nervous systems. In this issue, an overview, 15 papers, and the Technical Forum present concepts, directions, and current work in the evolving research on autonomic computing for such areas as systems architecture, server infrastructure, systems management, security, service, applications, and the effect on users. This issue is an initial contribution to the creation of a body of literature on autonomic computing.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface Lorraine Herger, Kazuo Iwano, Pratap Pattnaik, John J. Ritsko, and Alfred G. Davis p. 3
The dawning of the autonomic computing era A. G. Ganek and T. A. Corbi p. 5
SRIRAM: A scalable resilient autonomic mesh D. C. Verma, S. Sahu, S. Calo, A. Shaikh, I. Chang, and A. Acharya p. 19
Dynamic reconfiguration: Basic building blocks for autonomic computing on IBM pSeries servers J. Jann, L. M. Browning, and R. S. Burugula p. 29
Affect and machine design: Lessons for the development of autonomous machines D. A. Norman, A. Ortony, and D. M. Russell p. 38
A system model for dynamically reconfigurable software K. Whisnant, Z. T. Kalbarczyk, and R. K. Iyer p. 45
Enabling autonomic behavior in systems software with hot swapping J. Appavoo, K. Hui, C. A. N. Soules, R. W. Wisniewski, D. M. Da Silva, O. Krieger, M. A. Auslander, D. J. Edelsohn, B. Gamsa, G. R. Ganger, P. McKenney, M. Ostrowski, B. Rosenburg, M. Stumm, and J. Xenidis p. 60
Clockwork: A new movement in autonomic systems L. W. Russell, S. P. Morgan, and E. G. Chron p. 77
Competitive algorithms for the dynamic selection of component implementations D. M. Yellin p. 85
LEO: An autonomic query optimizer for DB2 V. Markl, G. M. Lohman, and V. Raman p. 98
Security in an autonomic computing environment D. M. Chess, C. C. Palmer, and S. R. White p. 107
Toward a new landscape of systems management in an autonomic computing environment G. Lanfranchi, P. Della Peruta, A. Perrone, and D. Calvanese p. 119
Comparing autonomic and proactive computing R. Want, T. Pering, and D. Tennenhouse p. 129
Managing Web server performance with AutoTune agents Y. Diao, J. L. Hellerstein, S. Parekh, and J. P. Bigus p. 136
Autonomic service deployment in networks R. Haas, P. Droz, and B. Stiller p. 150
Autonomic personal computing D. F. Bantz, C. Bisdikian, D. Challener, J. P. Karidis, S. Mastrianni, A. Mohindra, D. G. Shea, and M. Vanover p. 165
Dealing with ghosts: Managing the user experience of autonomic computing D. M. Russell, P. P. Maglio, R. Dordick, and C. Neti p. 177
Technical forum
Management of application complexes in multitier clustered systems
A. Abbondanzio, Y. Aridor, O. Biran, L. L. Fong, G. S. Goldszmidt, R. E. Harper, S. M. Krishnakumar, G. Pruett, and B.-A. Yassur p. 189
Books p. 196