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IBM Research – India University Relations


IBM Research – India actively seeks collaborations and relationships with Indian Universities. IBM Research – India’s goal is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with Indian academia by fostering advanced research, promoting academic exchanges, and cultivating tomorrow’s world-class researchers.

IBM Research – India’s UR efforts center on encouraging well-defined, researcher-to-researcher collaborative relationships between individual faculty members and IBM Research – India researchers. We offer numerous resources to academia under the umbrella of such collaborations: research awards, research grants, equipment grants, sabbatical opportunities, conference sponsorships, student internships, student project training, etc. IBM Research – India’s University Relations programs require an internal IBM Research – India collaborator who also acts as sponsor/nominator for IBM funding.

IBM Research – India’s university collaborations are open to faculty of IITs, IISc, TIFR, ISI, IMSc, CMI, and a few other select Indian and Foreign Universities.

IBM Research – India Programs

The various programs that IBM Research – India currently operates are listed below. The specific institutions eligible for these programs are mentioned in the respective program descriptions. The best way to apply for any of these programs is through your IBM Research – India research collaborator, hence other information is not always provided below.

Collaborative Research Programs

  • Open Collaborative Research (OCR)
    All IP developed under the OCR program will be made available as open source software code or as openly published papers or as royalty-free patents.
    Download PDFIBM Open Collaboration Principles
  • Funded Research
    Please contact your IBM Research – India collaborator for details of these programs:
    • IBM Research – India Faculty Research grants
    • IBM Research – India Faculty Sabbaticals
    • IBM Research – India Faculty Summer Visits

Faculty Programs

Student Programs

IBM Global Programs

In addition, IBM globally operates several programs that Indian faculty and students are eligible for:

IBM Equipment and Research Grants


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