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Research Areas


The world is our Lab

IBM Research – India has a balanced research portfolio covering several technical domains. The lab ensures the right mix of exploratory initiatives that focus on futuristic technologies and near-term, industry oriented projects that work towards developing solutions for specific business needs of our clients across the globe. It helps bring technology innovations to the entire ecosystem – clients, partners, industries, governments, academia, and communities. The researchers, with their expertise in a wide range of subjects, including computer science, mathematical science, and service science, are involved in the following areas of research.

Research Areas
Mobile Enabled Emerging Solutions: Developing industry-specific solutions and helping bridge the digital divide through innovative technologies.
High Performance Computing: Designing and analyzing cutting-edge parallel programs and improving the performance of super-fast computers.
Information Management: Creating intelligent solutions and services for industries through information integration and data analytics.
Infrastructure Management Services: Helping make service delivery organizations more effective and efficient.
Analytics for Services: Making sense of huge amount of data generated from diverse sources in service organizations.
Software Service Technologies: Focusing on creating tools and technologies for the next generation of service engineering.