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Lab overview


View of IBM Research – India building in Bangalore and Delhi

Since its inception in April 1998, the IBM Research – India has been driven by one mission: to advance state-of-the-art breakthroughs in IT through research in software and services, and to provide leadership by delivering innovations to IBM’s clients globally. Co-located in New Delhi and Bangalore, the lab is focused on a wide array of research areas blending pure & applied research. Although - the IBM Research – India has evolved over the years exploring areas like Blue Gene, speech recognition and services innovations, one thing has remained constant; continuous innovation.

Innovation culture
IBM Research – India is unique in its clear focus, unmatched talent pool and innovation culture that thrives on worldwide collaborations. As a result globally relevant research; and nurturing atmosphere. IBM Research – India has emerged as a premier research lab in the Asia-pacific region with an impressive list of achievements.

Centre of Excellence
IBM Research – India researchers have a deep passion for developing globally relevant innovations that make a difference in business and society. IBM Research – India has many Centers of Excellence, including its expertise in information & knowledge management, interaction and collaboration technologies, systems management, distributed & high performance computing, programming technologies & software engineering, analytics & optimizations, services innovation, telecommunications and more. Current IBM Research – India projects include: semantics based system monitoring solutions, integration of structured and unstructured information, speech recognition in Hindi, autonomic computing, model driven business transformation, business intelligence for CRM solutions and semantics extraction from low entropy text.

As the leading IT research institution, IBM Research produces more breakthroughs than any company in the industry, averaging 9.3 patents per day. Its more than 3200 scientists work in close collaboration across the company's eight world-renowned research labs. No other company has the resources committed to innovation that IBM does. We invest over $5 billion a year in technology R & D. We have more than 340,000 people on six continents. And 14 years we have earned more patents than any other company on the planet.


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