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Mobile Enabled Emerging Solutions


Mobile Enabled Emerging Solutions

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A center that specializes in real life innovations, IRL is heavily focused on developing solutions for specific industries. The goal is to create groundbreaking applications and platforms that would help businesses and industries thrive. One of the key focus areas for IRL is the telecommunications space and it has established a Telecommunication Research and Innovation Center (TRIC) to address challenges in this industry.

TRIC is a core research group at IRL that executes innovative projects focused on the telecom industry. It is one of our industry-specific initiatives designed to tap relevant research technologies and expertise for collaborative projects with IBM clients and business partners. TRIC serves as both a global resource for the telecom industry as well as a conduit for telecom service providers into IBM Research at large. The key areas of TRIC research include:

  • Enabling IT for emerging economies utilizing the mobile platform
  • Telecom analytics and business intelligence
  • Telecom middleware
  • Application development on mobile devices
  • Mobile value added services including mobile social networking, mobile advertising, mobile payments among others
  • WiMAX/LTE (4G Wireless) and multi-core parallel programming
  • Network and systems management for data centers and telecom networks

In addition to the major focus area of telecommunication, IRL is also developing keystone technologies for other industries including, banking, finance, retail, and healthcare, among others.


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