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Business Services

Partnering with IBM Research

IBM Research specializes in pure and applied sciences and produces remarkable inventions that often change the course of businesses and societies at large. To better serve our clients, we engage with them in exploring cutting-edge ways to increase competitive advantage and value, and provide unique solutions, strategies and processes for business transformation. With a variety of programs to expedite the transition of inventions into the marketplace, IBM Research can potentially help you get to a leadership position in the market place.

Licensing IBM Research technologies can provide a quick, cost-effective alternative to independently developing a similar asset and can contribute to shorter time to market, reduced development expense, and more competitive products and services. IBM, with its innovative technologies and proven capabilities, can help you create a compelling value proposition for you and your customers.

A selection of IBM Research technologies developed at the IBM Research – India are available for external licensing to enterprise end-users and value-added resellers as well as entrepreneurs and incubation centers. They range from broadly applicable horizontal technologies that can benefit a wide range of applications-such as linking structured and unstructured data for richer customer profiling - to specialized technologies that target a particular application, such as a service composition toolkit for telecom service providers. Some of these technologies may add value to the licensee's existing products, where others could provide the basis for entirely new products or perhaps even an entirely new company.

Other engagement models include the first-of-a-kind (FOAK) program in which researchers and clients partner to create solutions to solve real-life business problems and explore new technologies for emerging opportunities. On Demand Innovation Services (ODIS) model engages researchers as consultants to bring innovative solutions to our clients' complex business problems in such areas as business optimization and analytics, supply chain, security and privacy, and mobile enablement.

Please do browse the detailed project pages on the IBM Research – India website to get a glimpse of various technologies or e-mail Business Development for more information.


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