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Software of Next Generation (SONG) Community


Programming is tough, but programming for parallel and distributed architectures is even tougher. But, the quick advent of large scale multi-core-,- parallel- and cloud- architectures,  rings an even louder bell of warning: the entire range of software engineering practices, from requirement elicitation and design to maintenance, needs to be rethought in view of the massive parallelization and distribution challenges. The SONG (software of the next generation) conference will serve as the main host for researchers, practitioners and the broad enthusiastic  audience interested in all themes of software engineering for multi-core, parallel, and distributed systems, including:

  • Requirement engineering and resource planning
  • Software design
  • CASE tools
  • Debugging and replaying
  • Testing
  • Refactoring for parallelization
  • Design of  large scale multi-core and distributed business systems

Clearly, we would not be starting from zero. We would like to combine into a single conference two (maybe more) existing workshops with there respective communities:

Ties were made with the people behind these conferences.

It is our hope to obtain sponsorship of one of the major organizations, ACM, or preferably IEEE.

The SONG Community

Learn about The SONG (Software of Next Generation) Community.