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IBM Research

MeLoDy - Machine Learning for Dynamic System Analysis

Machine Learning



The IBM xServer Health Center


Aiding problem determination for IBM system x and expediting the process of problem diagnosis, by providing xServer support personnel with advanced analysis tools.


Melody uses system information gathered by the Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) tool to provide automatic analysis of a system based on a comparison to a large population of computer systems. The analysis views include:
  • System event log analysis - A condensed list of event logs from the managed system. The events are condensed to groups of similar messages and sorted by the amount of information they provide, based on a comparison with the event logs that are common on other computer systems.
  • System configuration and status analysis - A detailed analysis of all the configuration and status parameters of the managed system, highlighting those parameters that point to a non-standard configuration or status that may indicate a problem in the system.


The analysis provided by Melody reduces the time it takes to diagnose a problem using the DSA viewer, and increases the odds of identifying issues in the system before they affect users.



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