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Feedback Directed Program Restructuring (FDPR)


FDPR/Linux, formally called Post-Link Optimization for Linux on POWER, is a feedback-directed global optimization tool that runs following the link stage. Running on Linux on POWER platforms, the tool receives input files in ELF format, both executable programs and shared libraries (.so files). It instruments the input program, then executes the instrumented program on a given (typical) workload in order to obtain profiling information. Finally, it optimizes the program to achieve the following:
  • Reduced dynamic instruction count, and in particular:
    • Reduced number of memory accesses
    • Reduced number of branches
  • Better hit/miss I-cache ratio
  • Reduced number of TLB misses
  • Reduced number of page-faults

The optimizer supports the POWER family (including POWER3 and POWER4 architectures), with support for other architectures planned for the near future. The tool is also being adapted to support embedded PowerPC platforms that use the ELF format as the object file format.

The tool is available for use through the IBM alphaWorks site.

A fully supported version of FDPR for Linux on Power is available via Absoft comp.

  Team & Contacts

  • Yaakov Yaari
  • Guy Bashkansky
  • Shimon Nodelman

For more information, please contact: Yaakov Yaari (


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