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Cluster Virtual Machine for Java

Distributed Computing Systems
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Related Works
On this page we list a subset of related work. Given the huge amount of research that has been invested in distributed object systems and related topics, it is impossible to include references to all related work. Therefore, we have been forced to pick and choose. If we are missing a significant work item, please contact us via e-mail.

  Distributed Java Implementations

JavaParty: An approach to distributing a Java application by "transparently" rewriting the objects as remote objects.

Java/DSM: A modified Java Virtual Machine whose heap is implemented on top of the TreadMarks distributed shared memory system.

Voyager: A system that supports remote enabling of any Java class providing a superset of the function in Java RMI.

Jalapeño: A virtual machine for Java servers written in Java aimed at addressing the requirements of servers, performance, and scalability in particular.

ProActive PDC: A Java library for Parallel, Distributed, and Concurrent computing and metacomputing. Formerly known as Java// (pronounced 'Java Parallel').

DO! A Framework for Parallel Programming in Java: It describes a system for automatic generation of distributed code from multi-threaded Java programs.

JESSICA stands for "Java-Enabled Single System Image Computing Architecture". It is a Java-based solution for integrating computing resources in a heterogeneous environment.

  Distributed Shared Memory

Object-based Distributed Shared Memory in Java 
Distributed Shared Memory Home Pages 
Distributed Shared Memory Tutorial 

  Java Semantics

Java Memory Model: It describes Java's requirements for coherency of the memory between threads.

  Distributed Garbage Collection

"A Survey of Distributed Garbage Collection Techniques" by David Plainfoss? and Marc Shapiro from The International Workshop on Memory Management, Kinross, Scotland (UK), September 1995.
Also available from


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