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Reliable Multicast Messaging

Messaging Technologies

RMM in GridCC middleware

Part of RMM technology is wrapped with a JMS compliant interface to provide efficient reliable multicast in a publish/subscribe manner for the GridCC project. This RMM-JMS variant also supports bridge architecture.

RMM-JMS supports communication in both brokered and brokered-less modes by mapping the message topics and queues onto the packet transport streams. The service allows for symmetric data exchange; any host can both transmit and receive messages.

The following messaging modes are supported:

  • Multicast transport for publish/subscribe messaging: Supporting the JMS topic-based messaging and API, with matching done at the IP multicast level. The transport is a Nack-based reliable multicast protocol.
  • Direct (broker- less) unicast for point-to-point messaging: Supporting the JMS queue based messaging and API. The transport is the TCP protocol.
  • Brokered unicast transport for publish/subscribe messaging.

In the GridCC RMM-JMS, low latency and high throughput enable remote and distributed control and operation of scientific instruments such as sensors and probes.