IBM Context Aware Rich Media Extensible middLeware (CARMEL) is a Research asset that can be used for cases where large areas are monitored through video content using mobile sensors (e.g., camera mounted on drone or car, etc.) such in the case of handling natural hazards or monitoring natural resources, as it provides the framework for associating the video feed with relevant GIS information.

The platform supports interaction with both Live and on-demand (VOD) video content, and allows for advanced browsing modes (e.g., frame-by-frame, fast forward/backward, instant-replay, etc.). The CARMEL platform also provide users the ability to interact with large video repository, enabling also GIS (geographical) enabled searches along-side time and textual tags search criteria.

The CARMEL platform is to be extended to integrate with domain-specific video analytics to allow users to effectively and intuitively interact with the video content to derive actionable insights.

CARMEL's workstation uses a customized video player and a rich client