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Online Signature Verification

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Online Signature Verification
The need for a reliable means of personal identification presents a challenge to almost any large modern organization. This system provides multimedia application developers with an engine for online signature verification. Unlike offline verification, online verification uses not only the shape of an individual's signature, but actually logs the pen timing throughout the duration of the signing process.

The system learns a user's signature from examples (say 6 signatures samples), and after that it can verify the signature with high precision. Some additional features, like image compression, are also available.

The presented system for signature verification has several significant advantages:
  • Low total error rate (about 1.5% per session)
  • Forgery is detected even when the forger has managed to get a copy of the authentic signature
  • Possible detection of inconsistent user during enrollment stage
  • Fast and simple training
  • Cheap hardware (no pressure information is required, so almost any tablet device is allowable)
  • Little storage requirements
  • Fast response (about 1 sec per signature on the "old" 486DX-33 computer)
  • The results do not depend on the native language of the user
  • You can use ANY kind of information as your signature: name, second name, or even nice curves
  • Very high compression rate (100-150 bytes are needed to keep the shape of the signature)
  • The system represents a natural way to prove authenticity

Below you can see eight signatures — six template signatures, one authentic signature, and one attempted forgery. Although the forged signature is very similar to the original, it was rejected by the system, while the authentic signature was accepted.

Template signature #1 Template signature #2
Template signature #3 Template signature #4
Template signature #5 Template signature #6
Authentic signature (accepted) Forged signature (rejected)


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