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IBM R&D Labs in Israel

image: IBM and Haifa

Top Stories

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How we used IoT data to optimize wastewater treatment

August 16, 2016 - Tweaking wastewater treatment operations allowed us to dramatically lower costs and reduce waste.

What if you knew a traffic jam was going to happen?

August 02, 2016 - IBM Research – Haifa is working on a way to help forecast situations like that and take the appropriate preventive actions.

You've gone digital and mobile — now what?

July 29, 2016 - Danny Yellin, VP Mobile Platform Dev and ILSL explains the solution to today's mobile challenge.

Career spotlight: Meet Cindy Eisner, cyber-detective

June 06, 2016 - Cindy tries to figure out how the bad guys are avoiding detection as they try to hack our computers to steal money, take over systems, defraud people, or do other damage.