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Hardware Development


Hardware Development Israel (HDI) is part of the Israel STG Lab (IBM Systems & Technology Group) and a member of the global hardware development community of the IBM Corporation. Our group supports STG by helping to bring competitive CMOS technology and systems to the marketplace.

Our major fields of hardware development include:

  • Execution units and accelerators, custom building blocks and circuits for leading edge gaming and server, multi-core microprocessors
  • OEM ASICs, OEM protocol IP-cores, and ASIC/foundry circuits
  • Advanced test and characterization structures and design solutions for state-of-the-art technology development

We are a high performance team with expert technical skills and competencies in the following areas:

  • Logic design and architecture
  • SOC design and architecture
  • Design verification
  • Circuit design
  • Array design
  • Custom and ASIC back-end and integration

We are proficient in Embedded PowerPC / SOC 'Core Connect' architecture and serve as a center of competence in high performance PCI-Express and Ethernet protocol IP-Cores. We use and drive the development of novel design techniques and advanced EDA tools and methodology, fully exploiting IBM's most advanced CMOS technologies. We apply progressive project management practices to meet functionality, performance, reliability, and schedule according to requirements, specifications, and plan.


Senior Manager

Moshe Leibowitz,