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IBM Israel Software Lab (ILSL)

image: IBM and Haifa

Worklight Mobile Platform Development

The Worklight Israeli Development group is focused on the development of the Worklight core consisting of the Worklight server, the Worklight Eclipse-based development studio and the Worklight client run-time that becomes a part of the Smartphone App.

Server teams design & implement mobile-related server features relating to security, manageability, messaging and data transformation. The Worklight server runs over standard Java Application Servers.

Client teams implement mobile-infrastructure features over iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more. Each with its own programming language and APIs.

Eclipse tooling teams create a powerful development environment for creating and building mobile applications.

The team is working in conjunction with the IBM Haifa research lab on the productization of a number of cutting edge technologies invented by Haifa research teams.


Yoav Bodor, Manager Worklight Mobile Platform Development, ILSL

: Manager Worklight Mobile Platform Development, ILSL