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IBM Israel Software Lab (ILSL)

image: IBM and Haifa

TSM FastBack SVT & DRM

The DR/M Development team is responsible for several of the modules in the FastBack product suite, including the following:

  • DR (Disaster Recovery Module) - Replicates a copy of the backup repository to a remote location, for use in case of an outage.
  • FastBack Manager - The UI management of the FastBack product.
  • FastBack Shell - The CLI management of the FastBack product.
  • TSM FastBack for Bare Machine Recovery - The FastBack BMR product is responsible for bare machine recovery, mainly restoring system volume snapshots and the Any2Any module, allowing systems to be restored to dissimilar hardware.

The TSM FastBack DR/M development team develops new product features and works to achieve high performance, scalability, and robustness, and develops in C+, C, Java, and Visual Basic. This environment is a complex system dealing with issues of data integrity, communication, security, concurrency, and so on.

TSM FastBack System Verification Testing (SVT) Team

The SVT team is responsible for TSM FastBack system level testing, which includes:

  • Large-scale environments (e.g., multiple clients, large data sets)
  • Customer environments
  • End-to-end scenarios (user experience)
  • Running multiple functions in parallel

The TSM FastBack SVT team is operates out of the Haifa and China labs.


Dalit Tzafrir, Manager TSM FastBack SVT & DRM, ILSL

: Manager TSM FastBack SVT & DRM, ILSL

Team Leader