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IBM Israel Software Lab (ILSL)

image: IBM and Haifa

TSM FastBack Server

The TSM FastBack Server development team is responsible for several of the core modules in the FastBack product suite, including the following:

  • FastBack Server - This module is responsible for managing the backup process for multiple clients and manages the backup repository.
  • FastBack Mount/Instant Restore - This most common and extensive recovery module allows mounting a snapshot onto a virtual volume and performs instant volume restore, resulting in minimal downtime.
  • TSM FastBack for Microsoft Exchange - A product for Individual Mail Recovery (IMR) from the Exchange backup.

The TSM Server development team develops new product features and works to achieve high performance, scalability, and robustness, and develops in C+, C, Java, and Visual Basic. This environment is a complex system dealing with issues of data integrity, communication, security, concurrency, and so on.


Gil Sasson, Manager TSM FastBack Server, ILSL

: Manager TSM FastBack Server, ILSL

Team Leader