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IBM Israel Software Lab (ILSL)

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TSM FastBack Functional Testing

The TSM FastBack Testing team is responsible for TSM FastBack functional testing:

  • Manual testing of all Fastback components.
  • Development of automatic testing tools. Automation testing is based on the FastBack CLI commands and implements all Shell command options. The automation is combined with other supportive tools, allowing the flexibility to implement large scale testing during night execution.
  • Integration testing with TSM testing teams.
  • Execution of automatic testing. 24*7 automatic test and self-controlled automatic environments.
  • In the process of implementing RQM as a quality and test management tool.
  • Providing support for professional services and releasing hot fixes.

The TSM Fastback Testing teams test Windows and Linux environments and Windows and VCS Cluster environments.


Amir Primov, Manager TSM FastBack Functional Testing, ILSL

: Manager TSM FastBack Functional Testing, ILSL

Team Leader