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Systems and Internet of Things Engineering

The Systems and Internet of Things Engineering (SIoTE) team in IBM Research – Haifa is spearheading IBM Research activities in Cognitive Engineering of Complex Cyber-Physical Systems. Our key customers are practitioners who are holistically in charge of defining, designing, implementing, manufacturing, deploying, and ensuring proper operation of such systems, under ever changing technical and business landscapes. Thus, although the team name says "Engineering", we are looking at the entire lifecycle of such systems, exploring synergies between their various phases.

One of our research directions is studying the use of semantic reasoning and knowledge centric techniques alongside existing Watson technologies to create a universal engineering situational awareness capability for Systems Engineers, starting from semantic analysis for Requirements and all the way to an engineering advisor concept to help create high quality innovative designs. Another direction is using a combination of expert knowledge (models, requirements) and machine learning for a synergetic cognition of an IoT system operation, which leads to smarter monitoring, control, and performance optimization, as well as helping engineers in improving subsequent designs. These Cognitive IoT approaches are applicable to a wide range of use cases, ranging from pro-active security to predictive quality in Industry 4.0 scenarios.

To accomplish the above we are leveraging our experience in semantic integration and co-development frameworks, systems' synthesis, and virtual integration technologies. The team members come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from operations research to computer science, augmented by industry and design methodology experience. Our team is active in EU-funded research (SPRINT, DANSE, PSYMBIOSYS), in IBM internal and external projects and in US government projects. The team has a strong track record of research exploitation having made numerous contributions to IBM software tools, especially the current and legacy product lineup of IBM Internet of Things. The numerous partnerships and interactions with customers, predominantly in the industrial sector, ensure the relevance of our research results.

The SIoTE team is active on the academic stage, with award winning contributions to related venues like DAC, CSER, CSDM, SPLASH, INCOSE IS and others.


Henry Broodney, Manager Systems and Internet of Things Engineering, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Systems and Internet of Things Engineering, IBM Research - Haifa