Quantum Computing

The goal of the Quantum Computing group is to develop verification and testing solutions that can cope with the ever-increasing complexity of modern systems and the challenges of tomorrow’s computation paradigms.

We develop methods and algorithms aimed at characterizing and verifying both physical and functional aspects of quantum devices and algorithms. Such methods are key in understanding the properties of a given device and the inherent challenge related to noise in the quantum device. Such understanding promotes advances in the devices and helps develop better quantum circuit simulation algorithms.


Eli Arbel, Manager, Quantum Computing, IBM Research - Haifa

Eli Arbel,
Manager, Quantum Computing,
IBM Research - Haifa


Quantum Circuit Simulation

As part of the global development effort of IBM Q, IBM’s quantum computer, and the related software stack QISKit,we develop and analyze approximate noise models to better understand the behavior of quantum algorithms when run on noisy (i.e., non-fault-tolerant) quantum machines. These also serve as efficient, realistic reference models for the hardware.