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IBM Research - Haifa

OpenStack Services and Consulting

IBM researchers, working hand-in-hand with IBM sales and services teams, is currently engaging with clients and partners to help them get started with OpenStack.

Some client examples include the following:

  • A leading Telecom company in Asia granted IBM a large contract to implement a storage cloud service. Our team architected and helped implement an OpenStack/Swift service for the client. The service is now fully operational.
  • The European IT R&D agency granted IBM a large contract to develop a service platform to serve European SMEs. Our team in Haifa is responsible for designing and building the cloud infrastructure layer of this platform, based on OpenStack.
  • A defense agency in Israel is exploring operational aspects of OpenStack transformation. Our team is now working with the agency's CIO office to help the agency assess the capabilities of OpenStack against the client requirements.

To start an engagement, we prepared a questionnaire to help IBM sales and services teams assess the client needs and readiness.

Start an assessment. (prior to starting, obtain access information from your IBM Research - Haifa contact).

OpenStack Training

We periodically offer OpenStack training classes at various levels. Some of those classes are offered to public, and some are invited by our clients. Classes can be delivered in our Haifa facility, or remote classes, via video conference. The description of a typical sample class follows; contact us for more details.

Typical Class

Class Description: OpenStack Fundamentals, July 21, 2013
Audience: Government agencies, IBM developers, university faculty, standing-room only
Number of participants: 80