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IBM Research - Haifa

Advanced System Technologies

The Advanced System Technologies division at the Haifa Research Lab is one of IBM's technology innovation centers. Its mission is to develop leading-edge technologies for IBM server, networking and storage product lines and IBM Services business units. The division is particularly strong in the areas of system software and architecture, and system design and optimization tools. This is the homepage for the division; our departmental pages provide additional details on our R&D activities.

We are in particularly interested in the field of Cloud Computing, and we put a lot of effort on developing technologies to support IBM Cloud Computing portfolio. In particular, our work focuses on the areas of resource management and virtualization, which are the primary enabling technologies of Cloud Computing. Our division's activities in these areas influence a wide range of IBM system products, including IBM's PureSystems, IBM's System x (with a focus on blade servers), IBM's System p, IBM System z, IBM Tivoli (focusing on cloud management), and more.

Our work in the area of storage systems focuses on developing new functions for data protection and availability, long-term data preservation, and storage optimization. A special focus area of our team is storage support for Cloud Computing. In this project, we investigate the architectural challenges of designing a highly scalable and cost-effective storage infrastructure, allowing to easily store and access data objects, and mobilize them across the Cloud. Our work has led to the development of a unique technology ("Web Storage Service") that has been highlighted in IBM's statement of direction from June 4th, 2012, and released on June 16th, 2013:

"Storwize V7000 Unified Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) provides CDMI object storage support for cloud-friendly, industry-standard implementation leveraging Storwize V7000 advantages for one of the fastest growing uses of storage." (Quote from IBM release notes)

We are strongly engaged in the realization of IBM's software defined networking (SDN) vision, where we provide novel network virtualization capabilities, codenamed DOVE, to support cloud-scale application delivery by IBM Date Center Networking products as well as by the collaborative Open Daylight project. Our work has been a fundamental component of IBM's "Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments" product as described in an IBM white paper on this product:

"SDN VE began as a breakthrough innovation developed at the IBM Research Laboratories in Haifa, Israel... The technological breakthrough that SDN VE represents demonstrates that IBM is committed not only to accommodating major shifts in technology, but leading them by pioneering new technology models."

OpenStackIn line with IBM's strong backing of open standards and specifications, our cloud computing team is actively involved in contributing to the OpenStack community of open source cloud developers. In doing so, we are directly supporting IBM's involvement in the OpenStack Foundation. Our OpenStack R&D works spans cloud networking, cloud storage and cloud compute services. A significant part of our OpenStack contributions is driven by our leadership position in the Cloud Hosting activity in the FI-WARE European project (see below).

A large part of our team conducts research in the areas of system optimization, specifically targeting the challenges presented by multicore architectures and highly virtualized environments. Our work in this area includes tools and methods for improving software performance using advanced compiler optimizations, post-link optimizations and execution analytics tools (see, e.g., our recent contributions to PowerLinux). As an orthogonal dimension of system optimization, we are developing innovative tools and methods for designing reliable and correct systems, using advanced software test and analysis techniques. All in all, our work on system optimization has resulted in widely recognized contributions to the reliability and quality of software systems developed by IBM, customers and partners. Our work in this area has been recognized by many papers and patents, and was recently highlighted in IBM's Annual Investor Briefing (New York, April 2012). In addition, our technology is routinely used by IBM's highly successful Testing Services business unit, which works with global clients on enterprise software assurance:

"IBM Total Test Quality combines IBM Testing Services with comprehensive automation from IBM Software and leading edge innovation from IBM Research to help clients drive dramatic reductions in cost and schedule while improving overall quality and lowering business risk of their critical business applications." (Quote from IBM offering description)

During the recent years, our team has achieved several landmarks in computer system technologies state-of-the-art. Our team was instrumental in designing an Infiniband-based I/O architecture for IBM's rapidly-accepted XIV Gen 3 Storage product that already has thousands of installations worldwide, delivering unprecedented breakthroughs in storage performance. As pioneers in virtualization technology, we played a key role in the development of IBM's Virtualization Manager Software, announced in late 2006. This technology was recognized as the winner of the ServerWatch Product Excellence Award for 2007, and honored with the prestigious IBM Research Division Accomplishment Award for 2007. Subsequently, in 2008-2010, we have architected and developed the IBM's System Pools technology, now available as a major component of IBM's VMControl product. The compiler and post-link optimizations developed by our team have helped IBM Power systems become an industry leader in TPC-C,SPEC-CPU and SAP benchmarks for Linux, and are used to competitively optimize IBM systems for commercial workloads. Some earlier well-known accomplishments of our department are (1) the invention of the now standard and highly popular iSCSI protocol for storage networks; (2) the Object Storage paradigm, which is now being embraced by the global leading providers of cloud storage; (3) contributions to IBM's Blue Gene supercomputer; and (4) our work on the advanced Copy Services in IBM's flagship storage platform. For these and other achievements, our team has been recognized multiple times by various honors.


Collaborations and Partnerships

Across all our activities, our team works with internal IBM product organizations as well as with IBM customers. We engage directly in development and delivery projects, partnering with the following IBM business units:

We routinely work with standard organizations to set systems and storage industry standards. A recent example of our work in this area is the CBCS standard for secure access to networked storage. Our team has conceived and developed this standard, and then led the process of its approval by the T10 standards body.

  • Lastly, we collaborate with European academic and industrial organizations on projects of mutual joint interest. These include the following activities:



    This is an EU FP7 project launched in May 2011, which is the cornerstone of the FI-PPP programme -- a cluster of Future Internet research projects aimed at creating a technology ecosystem and boosting the innovation in multiple industrial sectors, such as transportation, media, energy, smart cities and others. The goal of FI-WARE is to design a cloud-based core platform, which will be used to efficiently develop and host Future Internet applications. Our team leads the architecture and implementation efforts of the Cloud Hosting activity in FI-WARE.

  • VISION Cloud

    VISION Cloud

    This is a pioneering EU FP7 project, where we lead a consortium of 15 European companies and universities. We aim to develop an advanced infrastructure for the secure delivery of data-intensive storage services with guaranteed QoS, featuring comprehensive data mobility and interoperability, a rich data model, safe and efficient computation close to the storage, and content-centric access.



    This is an EU FP7 project aimed at providing tools and methodologies for testing the Future Internet with its complex interaction of services, applications and contents. Our contribution there is in concurrency testing and coverage.

  • HiPEAC


    This is an European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and compilation. HIPEAC started as an FP6 project, and now continues as an FP7 project.

  • ForgetIT


    ForgetIT is an EU FP7 project researching ways for concise long term digital preservation and its adoption for personal and organizational use cases. It combines three new concepts: managed digital forgetting inspired from human brain and cognitive psychology; smooth transition between data active use and its preservation; contextualized remembering keeping the archive understandable and useful.



    Kicked off in February, 2011, this EU FP7 project is being led by HRL, and is researching ways for long term preservation of digital data for enterprises, where the cost associated with preserving data will be a factor in driving the preservation solution. Besides leading the project management and architecture, our researchers are investigating long-term storage techniques and virtualization technologies for the preservation of applications.



    APARSEN is an EU FP7 Network of Excellence that brings together an extremely diverse set of practitioner organisations and researchers in order to research long-term accessibility and usability of digital information and building a long-lived Virtual Centre of Digital Preservation Excellence.

Completed Projects

  • Reservoir


    This is an ambitious EU FP7 project, where we lead a consortium of 13 European companies and universities who collaborate on developing an advanced infrastructure for Cloud Computing, based on deep integration of virtualization and grid technologies.

  • IOLanes


    This is an FP7 project which pursues advancements in the scalability and performance of I/O subsystems in multicore platforms. In this project we work on hypervisor design and implementation, focusing on high-performance I/O in virtualized environments.

  • ERA

    This is an FP7 project involving a reconfigurable platform aimed at meeting the requirements of running applications. The project targets several components for reconfiguration, including CPU, network and memory, software components e.g., operating system and compiler.



    This is an FP7 project aimed at addressing the complexity and cost of programming emerging embedded architectures by implementing program transformation techniques in compilation tools to enable efficient programming of highly parallel architectures for stream computing.

  • MilePost


    This is an FP7 project that exploits machine learning for embedded programs optimizations. The overall objective of MilePost is to develop compiler technology that can automatically learn how to best optimize programs.



    This is an EU FP7 project which focuses on energy management in modern data centers. In this project we work with partners across Europe to develop tools and methods for planning energy-efficient IT infrastructrures, in line with the emerging global trend of Green IT.

  • SARC


    This is an FP6 Integrated Project in the area of advanced computer architectures, with a focus on a systematic scalable approach to the design of systems ranging from small embedded systems to large scale networked data servers.



    This is an EU FP6 project which focuses on tools and methods for preserving cultural, scientific, and artistic long-term data. The project builds on the Object Storage standard (conceived by our team and standardized by SNIA) and the OAIS standard.

  • Shadows


    This is an EU FP6 project, led by our team, which focuses on developing tools and methods for designing self-managing systems, based on the DMTF/CIM and Eclipse/TPTP open standards.

Selected Research Papers - Cloud Platforms

  • "An intent-based approach for network virtualization",
    R. Cohen, K. Barabash, B. Rochwerger, L. Schour, D. Crisan, R. Birke, C. Minkenberg, M. Gusat, R. Recio, V. Jain, Proceedings of IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, 2013.
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  • "Adding advanced storage controller functionality via low-overhead virtualization",
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  • "Resource Management Mechanisms to Support SLAs in IaaS Cloud ",
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Selected Research Papers - System Optimization and Quality

  • "Measuring an Improving Latency to Avoid Test Suite Wear Out",
    Shmuel Ur, Mark Harman and Shin Yoo, SBST, Best Paper Award, April 2009.
  • "Automated Substring Hole Analysis",
    Yoram Adler, Eitan Farchi, Moshe Klausner, Dan Peleg, Orna Raz, Moran Shochat, Shmuel Ur and Aviad Zlotnick, ICSE 2009.
  • "A Concurrency Testing Tool and itsPlug-ins for Dynamic Analysis and Runtime Healing",
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  • "Advanced Code Coverage Analysis Using Substring Holes",
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  • "Cross-Entropy-Based Replay of Concurrent Programs",
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  • "Forcing Small Models of Conditions on Program Interleaving for Detection of Concurrent Bugs",
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  • "An Effective Method for Keeping Design Artifacts Up-to-Date",
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  • "Hardware-less testing for RAS software",
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  • "Compiling Effectively for Cell B.E. with GCC",
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  • "Outer-Loop Vectorization - Revisited for Short SIMD Architectures",
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  • "Detecting Change in Program Behavior for Adaptive Optimization",
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  • "MILEPOST GCC: machine learning based research compiler",
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  • "Compiling for an Indirect Vector Register Architecture",
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  • "Automatic Feature Generation for Setting Compilers Heuristics",
    Hugh Leather, Elad Yom-Tov, Mircea Namolaru and Ari Freund, SMART '08 (2nd Workshop on Statistical and Machine learning approaches to ARchitectures and compilaTion ), January 27, 2008, Goteborg, Sweden.
  • "Struct-reorg: current status and future perspectives",
    Olga Golovanevsky and Ayal Zaks, GCC Developers' Summit, July 18-20, 2007, Ottawa, Canada.
  • "Loop-based SLP",
    Ira Rosen, Dorit Nuzman, and Ayal Zaks, GCC Developers' Summit, July 18-20, 2007, Ottawa, Canada.
  • "New Algorithms for SIMD Alignment",
    Liza Fireman, Erez Petrank, and Ayal Zaks, CC 2007 (16th International Conference on Compiler Construction), March 26-30, 2007, Braga, Portugal.
    (PPT presentation)
  • "Blackbox approach to selecting optimization options using budget-limited genetic algorithm",
    Y. Yaari and G. Bashkansky, Workshop on Statistical and Machine learning approaches to ARchitectures and compilaTion 2007 (SMART'07), within HiPEAC 2007 Conference, Ghent, Belgium , January 28, 2007.
  • "Aggressive Function Inlining with Global Code Reordering",
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  • "Overlapping Memory Operations with Circuit Evaluation in Reconfigurable Computing",
    Y. Ben-Asher, D.Citorn and G. Haber, to be published in a Special Issue of the International Journal of Embedded Systems (IJES).
  • "Understanding Performance of Multi-Core Systems using Trace-based Visualization",
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  • "Matrix flattening and transposing in GCC",
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    (PPT presentation)
  • "Autovectorization in GCC - two years later",
    Dorit Nuzman and Ayal Zaks, GCC Developers' Summit, June 28-30, 2006, Ottawa, Canada.
    (PPT presentation)
  • "Devirtualization in GCC",
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    (PPT presentation)
  • "Auto-Vectorization of Interleaved Data for SIMD",
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  • "Exploiting the AltiVec Unit for Commercial Applications",
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    (PPT presentation)
  • "Multi-platform Auto-vectorization",
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