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IBM Research - Haifa

Event Processing

The Event Processing group is a recognized industry pioneer in the area of event processing, both in industry and in the research community, acknowledged by IBM corporate award for deep insight and ground-breaking research into event processing. The work deals with concepts, semantics, languages, execution model, architecture, validation, optimization and performance issues. The team's current focus is on event modeling with the aim of radical simplification of event-based applications development and maintenance, semantic event modeling, automatic validation and smart code generation based on functional and non-functional goals.

Areas of Expertise

  • Event processing theory and practice
  • Event-based modeling
  • Methodologies for building event based systems
  • Event processing in the Internet of Everything
  • Proactive event-driven computing
  • Event processing under uncertainty


Chief Scientist

Opher Etzion, Chief Scientist, Event Processing, IBM Research - Haifa

: Chief Scientist, Event Processing, IBM Research - Haifa