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IBM Research - Haifa

Software and Services

The Software and Services department is involved in developing software technologies to exploit advances in computing infrastructure that benefit both traditional IT businesses as well as the system engineering and embedded software development space. The department's technology areas include: application development tools, new design, programming languages and models for business architects and embedded software development, software lifecycle management, product line engineering, software evolution via refactoring and reverse engineering of complex systems, and governance of software development. Additional areas of activity include complex event-based systems and solutions, distributed middleware with a focus on high availability solutions, high throughput low latency messaging technologies, and new technology and business models such as SaS (Software as a Service). The department also has a strong focus on business optimization, workforce management, business transformation and optimization, and business transformation targeting various business design methodologies.

The department collaborates with IBM division outside Research, including Software, Services and BAMS (Business Analytics and Mathematical Science) strategies, working mainly with the SWG Rational and AIM divisions, and GBS. Our mission is to develop innovative technologies in these areas and transfer them to IBM products and service organizations as well as help solve client pain points through customer engagements.


Senior Manager

Gabi Zodik, Senior Manager Software and Services, IBM Research - Haifa

: Senior Manager Software and Services, IBM Research - Haifa