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IBM Research - Haifa

Cloud and Distributed Middleware

The Cloud and Distributed Middleware Group is developing fundamental technologies for large scale distributed systems. One of the group's main focus areas is NFRs (non-functional requirements), like developing solutions for achieving high availability and scalability in large-scale systems, such as those found in hospitals and air-traffic control centers. High availability ensures that these systems run with minimal downtime, and scalability enables them to adapt as they grow. Both of these characteristics are critical for technology to function in today's world of exponentially increasing information, boosted by cloud technology and industry standards that embrace a grow-as-you-go paradigm.

Specifically, our technologies enable the management, resilience, and robustness of various IBM middleware systems in the area of web, cloud, mobile platforms, and high-scale messaging.

In recent years, we have focused on developing extensions for IBM platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud offerings, such as the recently announced BlueMix platform. One of the new cloud services to which our group made significant contributions is the IBM MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a service), which provides an easy way to develop, manage, and deploy backend for mobile applications. Our group also made significant contributions to the newly-built IBM MBaaS offering.

Our group has received much recognition from IBM Research. We also twice received the IBM Corporate Award. First for the Distribution and Consistency services (DCS): WebSphere Clustering and High-Availability, crucial infrastructure component in WAS/ND and WXS. The second one was recently received for the BBSON—of a peer-to-peer based distributed bulletin board service.

Our group founded the LADIS (large-scale distributed systems and middleware) workshop to create a research community focused on large-scale distributed systems. The workshop, now ACM sponsored.


Vita Bortnikov, Manager Cloud and Distributed Middleware, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Cloud and Distributed Middleware, IBM Research - Haifa