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IBM Research - Haifa

Smarter Business Solutions

The Smarter Business Solutions department develops and supports advanced Business Transformation & Optimization technologies and tools. The research team has expertise in such diverse fields as mathematical optimization (LP/MIP), stochastic modeling and analysis, modeling and simulation, and complex scheduling, and specific industry expertise in such areas as Telco, finance, travel, and transportation.

The department carries out work in a number of areas, including:

  • Research in business transformation and model-driven approaches from business to IT (top-down)
  • Research and development in business optimization, including mathematical optimization, modeling & simulation and stochastic modeling
  • Ongoing projects with several IBM units and with external customers through various channels
  • Active participation in the global scientific community through teaching at universities, and collaborating with academics on joint research



Asaf Adi, Manager Smarter Business Solutions, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Smarter Business Solutions, IBM Research - Haifa