List Updated: 25/01/2019

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  2. IL8-2013-0159, Publish. Lesion detection in medical images by cascade classification of bag of boundary features. Pavel Kisilev, Ella Barkan, and Asaf Tzadok
  3. IL9-2014-0009, Filed. A method for artifact based segmentation of ultrasonic images, Eugene Walach, Dan Chevion, Pavel Kisilev, Boaz Ophir
  4. IL8-2014-0018US1, Filed, Image Representation Set, Eugene Walach, Sharbell Hashoul, Andre Heilper, Pavel Kisilev, Ella Barkan, Ami Ben-Horesh
  5. IL9-2014-0017, Filed , QUESTION GENERATOR, Eugene Walach, Asaf Tzadok, Andre Heilper, Sharbell Hashoul, Ella Barkan, Pavel Kisilev
  6. IL9-2014-0051, Filed, A method for Clinical and Visual information fusion for disease diagnosis from lesion classification. Pavel Kisilev, Eugene Walach, Asaf Tzadok
  7. IL9-2014-0011US1, Filed. Automatic Generation Of Semantic Description of Visual Findings In Medical Images. Pavel Kisilev, Eugene Walach, Ella Barkan, Sharbell Hashoul
  8. IL9-2014-0035, Filed, Automatic image classification. Sharon Alpert
  9. IL9-2014-0003US1 , Filed Anomaly detection in medical imagery. Sharon Alpert and Pavel Kisilev
  10. IL8-2014-0105, Filed, Automatic tool for creation of comprehensive medical tests, Eugene Walach, Aviad Zlotnick, Pavel Kisilev
  11. IL8-2014-0111, Filed, Statistical tool for assessment of physicians, Eugene Walach, Pavel Kisilev, Sharbell Hashoul, Aviad Zlotnick
  12. IL8-2014-0148 , Filed, Mini modes for object detection, Sharon Alpert
  13. IL8-2014-0151, Filed, Unsupervised a-symmetry detection in images Sharon Alpert, Miri Erihov, Pavel kisilev
  14. IL8-2015-0071, Filed, Separation of foreground and background in a mammogram, Aviad Zlotnick
  15. IL8-2015-072, Filed, A weakly labeled apparatus for breast tissue segmentation in digital mammography, Rami Ben-Ari, Aviad Zlotnick
  16. IL8-2015-0127, Filed, A method for automatic visual annotation of radiological images from patient clinical data. Barkan Ella, Kisilev Pavel, Walach Eugene
  17. IL8-2015-0214, Publish, Medical object proposals , Sharon Alpert
  18. IL8-2015-0126 , Filed, Pavel Kisilev, "Higher complexity Deep Learning models with lower complexity training procedures, IBM legal department, 2015
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  20. IL8-2015-0144, Filed , Scale-Space Label fusion using two-stage Deep Neural Net, Pavel Kisilev, Eliayhu Sason
  21. IL9-2016-0058US1, Filed, Method for Creating Efficient Application on Heterogeneous Big Data Processing Platform, Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Flora Gilboa-Solomon, Eugene Walach
  22. IL9-2016-0064US1, Issued patent 9880823, Method for translating multi modal execution dependency graph with data interdependencies to efficient application on homogenous big data processing platform, Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Flora Gilboa-Solomon, Eugene Walach, Oren Barnea
  23. IL9-2016-0059US, Filed, Reasoning based method for prioritization of clinical data to be displayed to the physician during the automatic summarization process, Ella Barkan, Eugene Walach, Pavel Kisilev, Sharbell Hashoul
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  25. SVL8-2016-0317, Filed, Verifying annotations on medical images using stored rules, Guy Amit, Flora Gilboa-Solomon, Murray Reicher
  26. Automated anatomically-based reporting of medical images via image annotation, Guy Amit, Flora Gilboa-Solomon, Murray Reicher
  27. IL8-2016-0050, Filed, Semantic description of medical findings using end-to-end deep neural network architecture with shared detection and description layers, Sason Eliyahu
  28. IL8-2016-0194US01, Reduce discrepancy of human annotators in medical imaging by automatic visual comparison to similar cases, Alon Hazan, Ella Barkan, Vadim Ratner
  29. ARC8-2016-0149US01, Filed, A platform for wrapping, registration, composition and execution of analytics in distributed environments, Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Amram Abutbul, Yu Cao, Ahmed El Harouni, Deepika Kakrania, Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
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  31. P-2017-02845US01, Systems and methods for automatic detection of an indication of abnormality in an anatomical image, Ran Bakalo
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  34. IL8-2017-0042US01, Diagnostic decision support for patient management, Eugene Walach, Ella Barkan
  35. P-2018-00051US01, Multi-task image classifier for classifying inherently ordered values, Vadim Ratner

Previous patents in medical area

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