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Information Retrieval

The Information Retrieval Group focuses on the problem of information overload wherever large amounts of unstructured or semi-structured textual data are availableon the desktop, in the enterprise, or on the World Wide Web. We provide solutions for unstructured or XML search, as well as disambiguation technologies for information mining. The technology behind these solutions stems from the well-established computer discipline of information retrieval (IR), which focuses on the representation, storage, organization, and retrieval of unstructured data in general, and textual documents in particular. The main goal of this discipline is to further information discovery tasks such as searching and browsing.

The IR Group has developed several knowledge management solutions and components for IBM and Lotus products. These solutions include novel search engine technologies that have been integrated into several IBM products and deployed at customer sites. In particular, we have developed Juru, a full-text search library written entirely in Java that provides highly precise search results. Juru efficiently applies state-of-the-art search algorithms as well as unique techniques to produce both effective and efficient search results. The search engine of Websphere Portal, IBM's leading solution in the portal market, Juru also provides integrated search capabilities to several IGS offerings, such as IBM's self-help Helpdesk solutions (HelpNow! and VHD). Furthermore, Juru technology serves as the basis of IBM's recently announced Enterprise Search product, OmniFind. Members of the IR Group are an integral part of OmniFind's global development team, and are responsible for the runtime component of the productthe entire query evaluation process. The IR Group's disambiguation technology is used in Web Fountain, IBM's Web mining solution.

IR Group members actively participate in the IR academic community. Members of the group publish papers in leading IR conferences and journals, participate in program committees, and organize workshops and panels.



David Konopnicki, Manager Information Retrieval, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Information Retrieval, IBM Research - Haifa