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Call for Participation

 In Cooperation with VLDB'2000

Early registration Date: July 31st

Neptune Hotel

 Eilat,  Israel,  September 6-8, 2000

CoopIS is the leading conference for system cooperation.

Several levels of cooperation are present:

Ÿ   The subject matter is the foundation and implementation of cooperation among systems.

Ÿ   The CoopIS area is a meeting of disciplines, which provide concepts and techniques. The relevant disciplines are: collaborative work, distributed databases, distributed computing, electronic commerce, human-computer interaction, multi-agent systems, information retrieval, and workflow systems.

Ÿ   The CoopIS series provides a forum for well-known researchers that are drawn from the stature and the tradition of these conference series and has a leading role in shaping the future of the cooperative information systems area. Opportunities for informal meetings between the conference delegates will be enhanced with a series of social events, including in-conference tour of the surrounding desert and a cruise at the beautiful Eilat bay


CoopIS'2000 is the seventh conference in the series and the fifth conference organized by the International Foundation on Cooperative Information Systems (IFCIS). It is sponsored by the International Foundation in Cooperative Information Systems (IFCIS), and the IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa (other sponsors pending). It replaces the erstwhile international workshops on Interoperability in Multidatabase Systems (IMS) and the conference series on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS & ICICIS).


The conference will be held in Eilat, A resort town and bustling port, combining sea and desert. Eilat lies at Israel'ssouthernmost tip. Sixty minutes by plane from Tel-Aviv, Eilat is situated between the wondrous scenery of the deep azure Red Sea and the multitude Edom Mountains and is a paradise for sea-sports fans.

Final Technical Program

Tuesday, September 5th

  • Starting 5:00pm - Registration

  • 7:30pm - Reception

Wednsday, September 6th

8:30 10:00 Opening session

  • Welcome address: The general chairs, sponsors representaives

  • Conference overview : The program chairs

  • Keynote address: Calton Pu

Topic : Infosphere: Smart Delivery of Fresh Information

10:00 10:30 coffee break


10:30 12:00 Papers session 1: Workflow Modeling

Chair: Avigdor Gal

  • 10:30: Formalizing (and Reasoning About) the Specifications of


Goce Trajcevski, Chitta Baral, Jorge Lobo

  • 11:00 Advanced Workflow Patterns

W.M.P van der Aalst, A.P. Barros, A.H.M ter Hofstede,

B. Kiepuszewski

  • 11:30 Extending UML with Workflow Modeling Capabilities

Guido Wirtz, Mathias Weske, Holger Geise

12:00 1:30 Lunch Break

1:30 3:00 Papers session 2: Information Retrieval

Chair : Tore Risch

  • 1:30 ConSearch: Using Hypertext Contexts as Web Search


Zhanzi Qiu, Matthias Hemmje, Erich J. Neuhold

  • 2:00 Combining the Power of Searching and Querying

Sara Cohen, Yaron Kanza, Yakov Kogan, Werner Nutt, Yehoshua Sagiv, Alexander Serebrenik

  • 2:30 Cooperative Indexing, Classification, and Evaluation in BoW

Dror G. Feitelson

3:00 3:30 Coffee Break


3:30 5:00 Papers session 3: Cooperative Databases

Chair: Umesh Dayal

  • 3:30 Complex View Selection for Data Warehouse Self-


Dimitri Theodoratos

  • 4:00 Integrating Snapshot Isolation into Transactional Federations

Ralf Shenkel, Gerhard Weikum

  • 4:30 An Evaluation of the Java-Based Approaches to Web Database


Stavros Papastavrou, Panos Chrysanthis, George Samaras, Evaggelia Pitoura

5:00 5:15 Break

5:15 6:45 Paper session 4: Short Presentations

Chair: Michele Missikoff

  • 5:15 A Framework for ASP-Marketplaces

Gerrit Tamm, Oliver Günther

  • 5:30 Exploring the Semantic Structure of Technical Document

Collections: A Cooperative Systems Approach

Andreas Becks, Stefan Sklorz, Matthias Jarke

  • 5:45 Organized Distributed Systems

Gil Tidhar, Elizabeth A. Sonenberg

  • 6:00 Managing Aging Data Using Persistent Views

Janne Skyt, Christian S. Jensen

  • 6:15 A Workflow System through Cooperating Agents for Control and

Document Flow over the Internet

A. Dogac, Y. Tambag, A. Tumer, M. Ezbiderli, N. Tatbul, N. Hamali, C. Icdem, C. Beeri

  • 6:30 Distributed View Expansion in Composable Mediators

Timour Katchaounov, Vanja Josifovski, Tore Risch



Thursday, September 7th

  • 8:30 Keynote Address

Sheizaf Rafaeli

Topic: Computer-Mediated Cooperation Communities

  • 9:30 Panel on KnowledgePlace

Moderator: Amnon Ribak

10:30 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 12:30 Papers Session 5: Information Services

Chair: Erich Neuhold

  • 11:00 eResponder: Electronic Question Responder

David Carmel, Menachem Shtalhaim, Aya Soffer

  • 11:30 Efficient Matching for Web-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems

João Pereira, Françoise Fabert, François Llirbat, Dennis Shasha

  • 12:00 A Software Retrieval Service Based on Knowledge-Driven


E. Mena, A. Illarramendi, A. Goñi

12:30 2:00 Lunch Break

2:00 3:30 Papers Session 6: Workflow Execution

Chair :Asuman Dogac

  • 2:00 Benchmarking and Configuration of Workflow Management


Michael Gillmann, Ralf Mindermann, Gerhard Weikum

  • 2:30 Workflow Modeling Using Proclets

W.M.P van der Aalst, P. Barthelmess, C.A. Ellis, J. Wainer

  • 3:00 Dealing with Logical Failures for Collaborating Workflows

R. Müller, E. Rahm

4:30 Jeep Tour

7:30 CoopIS Dinner and Cruise


Friday, September 8

  • 8:15 Keynote Address: Marek Rusinkiewicz

The Next Generation Information Systems: An Agent-Based Approach

9:15 10:45 Papers Session 7: CSCW and Organizational Aspects

Chair : Dimitris Karagiannis

  • 9:15 A Negotiation Model for CSCW

Manuel Munier, Karim Baïna, Khalid Benali

  • 9:45 The Organizational Memory Information System PRINCE

Arndt Kuhlmann, Wolfgang Deiters

  • 10:15 An Extensible Business Communication Language

Hans Weigand, Wilhelm Hasselbring

10:45 11:15 Coffee Break

11:15 12:45 Mobile Cooperation

Chair: Opher Etzion

  • 11:15 Exploiting the Features of Asymmetry for Query Processing in a

Mobile Computing Environment

Wen-Chih Peng, Ming-Syan Chen

  • 11:45 Data Lockers: Mobile-Agent Based Middleware for the Security

and Availability of Roaming Users Data

Yolanda Villate, Arantza Illarramendi, Evaggelia Pitoura

  • 12:15 A Java Framework for Mobile Data Synchronization

Norman H. Cohen

12:15 1:45 Lunch Break

1:45 3:15 Multi Agents Systems

Chair: Stuart Madnick

  • 1:45 Dynamic Pricing with Limited Competitor Information in a

Multi-agent Economy

Prithviraj Dasgupta, Rajarshi Das

  • 2:15 Multi-agent Cooperative Transactions for E-Commerce

Qiming Chen, Umesh Dayal

  • 2:45 Cross-Organizational Transaction Support for Virtual Enterprises

Jochem Vonk, Wijnand Derks, Paul Grefen, Marjanca Koetsier

3:15 3:30 Short Coffee Break

3:30 - 4:30 Closing Session

Panel: Inter-Disciplinary Efforts in CoopIS

Moderator: Avigdor Gal

Social Program

A reception will take place on Tuesday, September 5th in Neptune hotel Eilat. On Thursday, September 7th, (in the afternoon hours) some exciting activities are planned: a jeep tour in the dessert and Salomon mountains, evening cruise at the beautiful Eilat bay where dinner will be served followed by other surprises!

The social program is included in the registration fee. Additional tickets are available upon request (can be indicated in the registration form).



The conference is held on Eilat in (Howard Johnson) Neptune Hotel, North Beach, Eilat, Israel, 88102.

Tel: +972-7-6369369 Fax: +972-7-6334389

For the hotel web-site (not for hotel’s reservation) visit:  



Accommodation Information


Our recommended accommodations

The registration to our recommended hotels can be done as part of the registration form.


The conference’s hotel:

(Howard Johnson) Neptune Hotel, North Beach, Eilat, Israel, 88102.

The conference prices: 142 US Dollars for single room and 178 US Dollars for a double room per night.  


Another option is Galei Eilat hotel, which is close to Neptune at a lower rate of 106 US Dollars for single room and 132 US Dollars for a double room.  


If somehow none of the above accommodations fits you, you can choose among a wide range of accommodation in Eilat, and register individually with no special conference prices.

For more details:  

Transportation Information


Make your travel arrangements (suggestions and tips)

There are several alternative ways to get to Eilat. We pointed some of them below as a starting point, and recommend that you will contact your favorite travel agent to identify special offers at this time of year.


Your trip to Eilat consists of two separate lags, one from your origin to Tel Aviv (Bengurion airport) and the other from Tel Aviv to Eilat. The flight to Eilat (and back to Tel-Aviv) is an easy 45 minutes flight, operated frequently by the local carriers Israir and Arkia (approx $50-$75 each way).


There are direct flights to/from Tel Aviv from many major airports around the world, operated by EL-AL as well as many other airline companies worldwide. From the US, both TWA (JFK at the East coast) and Continental (Newark) operate direct flights to Israel.


For those of you who plan a combo CoopIS/VLDB, you should add a third lag to your trip, from Tel Aviv to Cairo and return. The flight is 70 minutes long and is operated several times a day by EL-AL and Air Sinai. The VLDB organizers have made a deal with EL-AL

Air ticket one-way from Tel Aviv to Cairo 143 US$ ticket per person. EL-AL leaves Tel-Aviv on Sunday 10 Sep at 19:45 and arrives to Cairo at 21:15.


The VLDB organizers can also arrange a bus transfer from Taba or Rafah (south from Eilat) to Cairo, including an option of a tour in Sinai. For more details, please contact the VLDB2000 organizers.


For those of you who come from Europe and plan on staying for CoopIS only, you should check the option of using a charter flight directly to Eilat (Ovda airport or Eilat airport).



Eilat, a coastal city, is located in the south of Israel.



International airlines operate scheduled flights to Tel-Aviv (Bengurion International Airport) Tel. +972-3-9710000 .

Certain charter flights from European countries also land at Ovda Tel. +972-7-6375880 or Eilat Tel. +972-7-6363838 or +972-7-6363830, the international airports in southern Israel.

You can get from Tel-Aviv airport to Eilat by a domestic continuation flight (45 minutes), or by driving (4-5 hours), if you prefer.


See details:  



If you have the time you can drive to Eilat by car.

It takes 4-5 driving hours from Tel-Aviv to Eilat through the beautiful desert.

You can drive through the Dead Sea and Masada or through the Negev and Ramon mortar.



The “Egged” bus company operates regular service to Eilat from the major Israel cities. For more information +972-3-6948888



Registration Information


Please complete the Registration_Form and send it in one of the following options:

Ÿ   Fax it to (+972) 4 8550070 marked for the attention of "CoopIS’2000 Registration / Tova Berger".

Ÿ   (Snail) mail to Tova Berger, "CoopIs’2000 Registration", IBM Haifa Research Lab.– Matam - Advanced Technology Center, 31905, Haifa, Israel.

Ÿ    Email to


Registration Fee

Early Registration - Before July 31st: 350 US Dollars.

            or: 367 EURO, or: 1,450 NIS.

Late Registration - After July 31st: 400 US Dollars.

            or: 420 EURO, or: 1,660 NIS.

The conference registration fee includes the conference proceedings, access to all sessions, a reception and the social program (Jeep tour, Cruise and dinner).


Student Fee

Early Registration - Before July 31st: 100 US Dollars.

            or: 105 EURO, or: 415 NIS.

Late Registration - After July 31st:  115 Dollars.

            or: 121 EURO, or: 477 NIS.

The student conference registration fee does not include any of the social program activities. Tickets for each of the social program activities can be purchased as part of this registration form (as “additional tickets”)..


Bank Cheque – preferred method of payment

We shall accept bank and personal check in US Dollars, Israeli Shekels and Euros. Make payable to the “CoopIS conference”.

Send with a copy of this registration form


Bank Transfer - least preferred method of payment 

Acc no: 14-350-47588 Bank Otsar hahayal, Matam Omega, Haifa.

Please quote CoopIS’2000 in your transfer details and CoopIS account no. 14-350-47588



Credit cards:    For the registration fee: N/A (due to bureaucratic technical reasons).

The hotels accept all major credit cards


CoopIS’2000 Registration Form


Delegate Details

Name: ______________________________________

Affiliation: ___________________________________

Address: ____________________________________

Postal Code: _________________________________

Country: ____________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________

Fax: ________________________________________


Your paper number, if applicable:__________________

Your paper title, if applicable:_____________________

Are you planning to participate in the VLDB conference:___


CoopIS’2000 Accommodation


Please indicate your accommodation preference


Reservation at Neptune hotel or Galei Eilat hotel will be made by the CoopIS organizers, using the following form.

The payment will be made directly at the hotel by the guest, according to the conference prices.


The hotels accept all major credit cards. Your credit card details shall be notified for the hotel’s reservation.


Credit Card number:________________________

Credit Card Type (Visa / MasterCard / Diners / etc):______________

Expiration date:______________________

Cardholder’s name exactly as it appears on the card:______________

Id number (only for Israel’s guests):______________


_   Neptune Hotel (the conference hotel)

            Room type: single/double  _____         number of rooms required at this type: ____

            Room type: single/double  _____          number of rooms required at this type: ____

            Room type: single/double  _____          number of rooms required at this type: ____

     Conference prices: 142 US Dollars for single room and 178 US Dollars for a double room per night.


_   Galei Eilat Hotel

Room type: single/double  _____          number of rooms required at this type: ____

            Room type: single/double  _____          number of rooms required at this type: ____

            Room type: single/double  _____          number of rooms required at this type: ____

      Conference prices: 106 US Dollars for single room and 132 US Dollars for a double room per night.


_   I’m taking care of my own accommodation.


CoopIS’2000 Social Program


Please indicate if you are going to take part in each of the following activities


_   Jeep tour (Included in the conference fee).

Additional tickets for the Jeep tour:

Ticket price: 30 US Dollars (or: 32 EURO, or: 125 NIS)

Number of additional tickets: ___

Total: ________ US Dollars / EURO / NIS


_   Cruise and dinner (Included in the conference fee).

Additional tickets for this activity:

Ticket price: 70 US Dollars (or: 73 EURO, or: 290 NIS)

Number of additional tickets: ___         

Total: ________ US Dollars / EURO / NIS




Total fee including registration fee and social program fee: ___________US Dollars

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