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The 4th Annual International Systems and Storage Conference

May 30 - June 1, 2011
Haifa, Israel

image: IBM and Haifa


There are taxis between the major hotels and IBM Haifa (where SYSTOR is taking place) in the morning and in the evening. The taxis are free of charge for SYSTOR participants.

  • In the morning, a representative will wait for you in the lobbies of the Dan Carmel and Crowne Plaza hotels holding a sign marked "SYSTOR 2011 - IBM". Just tell them you are conference participants and they will lead you to the taxi
  • In the evening, taxis will leave IBM Haifa and stop at the Crowne Plaza and the Dan Carmel hotels.

Note: Shuttle services will be available only from Dan Carmel and Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza hotels. Dan Panorama guests should take the Shuttle from one of the other hotels.

The shuttle schedule is listed below.

  • May 30:
    • From the hotels to IBM at 8:30
    • From IBM to the hotels at ~18:15
  • May 31:
    • From the hotels to IBM at 8:30
    • No shuttle back to the hotels because of the Caesarea tour
  • June 01:
    • From the hotels to IBM at 8:00


Contact Information

Paula Ta-Shma