Accepted Papers

  • Johannes Kloos, Rupak Majumdar and Frank McCabe.
    Deferrability Analysis for JavaScript
  • Tatsuya Abe.
    A Verifier of Directed Acyclic Graphs for Model Checking with Memory Consistency Models
  • Koen Claessen, Jonatan Kilhamn, Laura Kovacs and Bengt Lennartson.
    A Supervisory Control Algorithm Based on Property-Directed Reachability
  • Bernhard Beckert, Sarah Grebing and Mattias Ulbrich.
    An Interaction Concept for Program Verification Systems with Explicit Proof Object
  • Cuong Chau, Warren Hunt, Marly Roncken and Ivan Sutherland.
    A Framework for Asynchronous Circuit Modeling and Verification in ACL2
  • Zhixing Xu, Aarti Gupta and Sharad Malik.
    Trace-based Analysis of Memory Corruption Malware Attacks
  • Marijn Heule, Benjamin Kiesl, Martina Seidl and Armin Biere.
    PRuning Through Satisfaction
  • Manjeet Dahiya and Sorav Bansal.
    Modeling undefined behaviour semantics for checking equivalence across compiler optimizations
  • Leonardo Alt, Antti Hyvärinen and Natasha Sharygina.
    LRA Interpolants from No Man’s Land
  • Martin Sulzmann and Kai Stadtmüller.
    Trace-Based Run-time Analysis of Message-Passing Go Programs
  • Fedor Shmarov, Nicola Paoletti, Ezio Bartocci, Shan Lin, Scott Smolka and Paolo Zuliani.
    SMT-based Synthesis of Safe and Robust PID Controllers for Stochastic Hybrid Systems
  • Shufang Zhu, Lucas M. Tabajara, Jianwen Li, Geguang Pu and Moshe Y. Vardi.
    A Symbolic Approach to Safety LTL Synthesis
  • Dirk Beyer and Thomas Lemberger.
    Software Verification: Testing vs. Model Checking. A Comparative Evaluation of the State of the Art

Keynote Speakers


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