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OOPSLA 2006 Workshop


Call for Papers and Participation

Workshop on Event Driven Architecture

Portland - Oregon - USA
October 22, 2006


Recently, analysts and vendors have been promoting event driven architecture as the "next big thing". Simple event-driven processing has been in common use for at least ten years with technology such as message-oriented middleware and, in the past few years, message-driven Enterprise JavaBeans. However, the next big thing to which they refer is the architecture that supports processing complex business events to address real-time business needs. Recognizing the importance of this topic, a one-day workshop will be held in conjunction with OOPSLA 06 to address issues related to EDA. The workshop will be held on Sunday October 22, 2006, at the Oregon Conference Center.

Workshop Goals and Objectives

The workshop will provide a forum in which researchers and practitioners from academia and industry can discuss various aspects of event-driven processing and its relationship to other architecture and programming paradigms, particularly with service-oriented architecture.

Workshop Topics

Topics include (but are not limited to):
  • Definition and classification of events
  • Event modeling
  • Tooling for event processing
  • Methods for developing event driven systems and applications
  • Event processing languages and tools
  • Event driven business process management
  • Event processing for business activity management
  • Relationship with service-oriented architecture and other architecture
  • Information delivery services and implementation of 'publish/subscribe' protocols
  • Event pattern detection
  • Implementation issues
  • Potential inhibitors to the adoption of EDA
  • Security and privacy issues in event-based systems and applications

Expected Outcome

The primary expected outcomes of this workshop are:
  1. Cross-fertilization between researchers and practitioners in all aspects of event processing
  2. A report on the discussions of the workshop which, based on the quality of the outcome, can be published as a technical paper

Participation Requirements

To participate in the workshop, potential candidates must submit a position paper or an extended abstract that describes their work, thoughts, or ideas on any of the topics related to the workshop theme. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Interested candidates should send their submission electronically to both workshop organizers.

The deadline for submission is October 15, 2006.

Please note that all workshop participants must register for the conference but there is no additional charge for attending the workshop.

Workshop Format

In order to gain the most from the workshop, discussion (and not presentations) will be the main format for the workshop. The workshop organizers will invite a few of the participants to give brief presentations, highlighting some of the issues and providing seeds for discussions. Based on the received submissions, the organizers may elect to divide the participants into groups to focus on a specific topic and then report on the outcome to the rest of the workshop attendees at the end of the workshop.

Important Dates

Submission: October 15, 2006
OOPSLA 2006 Workshop: October 22, 2006

Workshop Organizers