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The IBM Research Frontiers Institute is an unprecedented chance to gain access to the front lines of scientific exploration and technological development. Never before have we opened the doors of the furthest horizons of our research to partner companies. In 2016, we started the Institute in partnership with our Founding Members: Samsung, JSR, Honda, Hitachi Metals, Nagase, and Canon. Through the Institute, our partners gain the invaluable opportunity to understand how we work, to learn about the pathways from basic science to applied technologies, and to help guide our focus. Members enjoy access to our research results, along with the ability to commercialize these results. Through our scholar-in-residence program, technical staff can work alongside our researchers at IBM laboratories around the world. In 2019, we have reopened the Institute to new memberships. Inquire today for a personalized tour, and learn how your company can join the Institute to create a new future.

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For more details on the Institute and becoming a member, contact:

Sudhir Gowda, Ph.D.

Institute Director
IBM Research Frontiers Institute

Larry Light

Business Development Executive
IBM Research