Hear what Frontiers Institute members are saying about IBM Q

IBM Q is an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems for business and science. “IBM Q” quantum systems and services will be delivered via the IBM Cloud platform. Exploring potential applications for quantum computing is a core project within the IBM Research Frontiers Institute. Here’s what some of our members are saying about IBM Q and quantum computing.

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We heavily invest in R&D and have a strong interest in how emerging technologies such as quantum computing will impact the future of manufacturing,” says Mitsunobu Koshiba, President of JSR, a leading chemical and materials company in Japan. “Our pipelines of innovations range from synthetic rubbers for tires to semiconductor materials and display materials, and with products in the life sciences, energy and environmental sectors. By having exposure to how quantum computing can provide new computational capability to accelerate materials discovery, we believe this technology could have a lasting impact on our industry.

Nobu Koshiba, President, JSR

We are delighted by this news, and look forward to exploring the potential of quantum computing to create breakthroughs for many difficult, real-world technological challenges as part of our membership in the Frontiers Institute.

Yoshiaki Sakagami, Senior Chief Engineer, Advanced Research Division, Honda R&D Co.,Ltd. Automobile R&D Center

I am excited about IBM’s innovative quantum technology. We look forward to exploring the dramatic development of next generation materials with this new computing technology in the future.

Ryo Goto, General Manager, Development Center, Technology, Research & Development Division, Hitachi Metals

We would like to celebrate the significant progress made possible by IBM’s cutting-edge technology that will momentously increase the value of computing. As Research Frontiers Institute partner, Canon hopes to utilize this superb technology in the future to accelerate the development of such key innovations as AI and big data analysis and add significant value to next-generation products.

Hiroaki Sato, Deputy Group Executive, Digital System Tehcnology Development Headquarters, Canon Inc.

This announcement demonstrates a key strength of IBM Research: the ability to transform basic science into real technologies. We congratulate IBM, and are proud to be engaged with IBM in exploring future applications of quantum computing through the Research Frontiers Institute.

Yasumitsu Orii, Technical Advisor, Nagase & Co., Ltd.

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Dario Gil

Why IBM is building a universal quantum computer

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Quantum potential

Quantum computers will tackle currently unsolvable problems in chemistry and other fields.

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Building the first universal quantum computers for business and science.

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Quantum Volume

As the sophistication of early universal quantum computers grows over the next few years, a key measure of their capability will be the Quantum Volume of the system.