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Deep Blue game 6: May 11 @ 3:00PM EDT | 19:00PM GMT        kasparov 2.5 deep blue 3.5

News, notes and stories for the international media

News, notes and stories for the media

Press releases

May 1, 1997: IBM Deep Blue, Kasparov to engage in historical chess match crossing the technology threshold into the 21st century

May, 1997: The IBM Chess Challenge rematch

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What the press is saying

Game 6
Computer in the news: Kasparov's inscrutable conqueror, The New York Times, 5/12/97 (registration required).
IBM chess machine beats humanity's champ, The New York Times, 5/12/97 (registration required).
Kasparov proves no match for computer in game 6, Washington Post, 5/12/97.
Chess-playing computer triumphs over Kasparov, Reuters, 5/11/97.

Game 5
Kasparov and Deep Blue draw a 3rd straight time, Associated Press, 5/10/97.
Computers made Kasparov a better, more creative player, Chicago Tribune, 5/11/97.
Third draw in chess series tie, Newsday, 5/11/97.

Game 4
Conventional wisdom says machines cannot think, The New York Times, 5/9/97 (registration required).
Almost a win for Kasparov, Washington Post, 5/8/97.
Kasparov and Deep Blue play to a draw in their 4th game, Chicago Tribune, 5/8/97.

Game 3
3d game a draw for Kasparov and computer, Associated Press, 5/7/97.
Game 3 a standoff for Kasparov, Deep Blue, San Francisco Chronicle, 5/7/97.
3rd Kasparov-computer match ends in a draw, USA Today, 5/7/97.
Chess Computer may also be a medical marvel, The Boston Globe, 5/7/97.

Game 2
Computer defeats Kasparov, stunning the chess experts, The New York Times, 5/5/97 (registration required).
Deep Blue takes a win over Kasparov to tie the chess match at 1-1, Associated Press, 5/4/97.
The race to checkmate: Kasparov wins one, loses one to Deep Blue, PC Magazine Online, 5/5/97.
Computer beats Kasparov to tie match, Reuters, 5/4/97.

Game 1
Kasparov beats Deep Blue in first game of rematch, The New York Times, 5/4/97 (registration required).
Kasparov tops Deep Blue in first game of rematch, Associated Press, 5/3/97.

Before the match
Special report: The rematch, TechWeb, 5/97.
Upcoming chess match not as simple as 'man vs. computer', USA Today, 5/2/97.
Kasparov takes on IBM supercomputer in chess rematch of the century, PC Magazine Online, 5/2/97.
IBM vs. Kasparov: A deeper 'Deep Blue' may make chess champ a chump, The New York Times, 5/1/97 (registration required).
Game, net & match, Yahoo! Internet Life, 5/97.
Chess supercomputer tuned for re-match, Reuters, 4/1/97.
Deeper In thought, Time, 3/10/97.

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