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Deep Blue game 6: May 11 @ 3:00PM EDT | 19:00PM GMT        kasparov 2.5 deep blue 3.5

Deep Blue is a powerful supercomputer and an extraordinary chess player, but its abilities are entirely dependent on the people behind its development. And judging by the computer's mastery of the chessboard, the members of the Deep Blue development team are at the top of their game. Over the past year, they've been keeping themselves very busy.

Although the Deep Blue team considered last year's historic match against Garry Kasparov a success, they've been working hard over the past 12 months to improve its capabilities.

"We had this hunk of technology that we brought to the table last year," said development team member Joe Hoane. "So over the past year, we've had the chance to make it mature. So what does that give you? I think it gives you the world."

Each member of the team adds a unique perspective to the project. They are a diverse group from disparate backgrounds who have come together to create the most powerful chess-playing computer ever constructed. If there is a common goal that drives all of the Deep Blue developers, it is a strong desire to advance the human condition through computing technology.

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Senior manager of the Deep Blue development team.
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      Murray Campbell
A former chess champion who works with Deep Blue's evaluation function
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      Feng-hsiung Hsu
The man who started the Deep Blue project while still in college
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      A. Joseph Hoane, Jr.
Deep Blue's software engineer
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      Jerry Brody
The project's support engineer
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      Joel Benjamin
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      the team behind the technology:Deep Blue began as a research project at Carnegie Mellon University for graduate students Feng-hsiung Hsu and Murray Campbell, two current members of the Deep Blue development team.

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no. 15

When Napoleon died, he willed that his heart be cut out and placed inside a chess table.

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