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Deep Blue game 6: May 11 @ 3:00PM EDT | 19:00PM GMT        kasparov 2.5 deep blue 3.5

Sure, Deep Blue plays a mean game of chess. But what else can it do?

Deep Blue is at heart a massively parallel, RS/6000 SP-based computer system that was designed to play chess at the grandmaster level. But the underlying RS/6000 technology is being used to tackle complex "real world" problems like:

  • Cleaning up toxic waste sites
  • Forecasting the weather
  • Modeling financial data
  • Designing cars
  • Developing innovative drug therapies
Not to mention running the occasional high-volume scalable WWW server like - you guessed it - this one.

Guest Essays
The end of an era, the beginning of another? HAL, Deep Blue and Kasparov :
by Dr. David G. Stork.From the Chief Scientist at Ricoh Silicon Valley, a paper that explores the relationship between humans and computers.

Quarantine :
by Arthur C.Clarke. In response to the challenge of creating a short story that to fit on the back of a postcard, the author of 2001 and 3001 came up with a mind-bender.

With Deep Blue technology, we all win :
By Dr. Mark F. Bregman.IBM's RS/6000 Division general manager discusses his thoughts about who ultimately benefits from the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue rematch.

History at the Chess Table :
by Monty Newborn. An exploration of the rematch's historical value from the Chairman of the ACM Chess Committee.

The Chess Mentality :
by William H. Calvin Calvin, a neurophysiologist at the University of Washington, delves into the cognition behind playing chess.

Related Information

      Next Horizon:
While the rematch between Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue will no doubt be interesting and exciting to watch, the game of chess itself is only a small part of a much larger picture. At the heart of the event is an important computer science experiment being conducted by the Deep Blue development team.

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