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Deep Blue game 6: May 11 @ 3:00PM EDT | 19:00PM GMT        kasparov 2.5 deep blue 3.5

The Kasparov vs. Deep Blue rematch Web site guide contains a number of resources that are designed to help users better utilize the features of the site.

Site index
The Kasparov vs. Deep Blue Web site includes over 100 pages of dynamic game coverage, player profiles and feature stories. For easier navigation, we recommend visiting the site index, which is an easy-to-navigate listing of individual pages in outline form.

Download area
The download area contains a number of applications youíll need to fully experience the features of the site, including java-enabled browsers and multimedia players.

Chess game viewer help
In addition showing to real-time, animated game play from the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue rematch, the chess game viewer features a number of interactive elements. For an explaination of these features, as well as some tips on using the viewer, visit the chess game viewer help section.

Audio and video clips
To enhance the coverage of the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue rematch, audio and video clips from the match are available to users with Bamba, an audio and video streaming tool that supports high-quality media streaming for low-bandwidth connections. If you donít have Bamba, visit the download area.

Any additional questions or comments,
contact the webmaster.

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