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Deep Blue game 6: May 11 @ 3:00PM EDT | 19:00PM GMT        kasparov 2.5 deep blue 3.5

Join us on May 2nd 1997!

Beginning May 2, you will find here an interactive meeting place where you can converse with others, including guest experts, about the aspects of the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue (TM) rematch that excite you.

A Community of Conversations
Come join discussions on each rematch game, the technology of the Deep Blue RS/6000 SP (TM) supercomputer, the implications for the future of such technology, and many other topics covering a wide range of interests and skill levels.

Conversations, not Chat
For these discussions, we'll be using a conferencing system provided by Electric Minds. Conferencing allows you to participate in conversations at your convenience -- not just at specified times or when other participants are logged in. The system records all postings, so you'll have the chance to read at leisure, and to write more carefully considered responses than you would in chat rooms.

Hosts and Experts
The discussions will be professionally hosted, and your fellow participants will include specially-invited chess grandmasters, guest experts, and commentators on the technology and the broader significance of the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue rematch.

To participate: beginning May 2, click on the Community tab on IBM's Kasparov vs. Deep Blue rematch web site and join the conversations! Post your comments, opinions, questions, and ideas as part of a community of people who share your interest in this historic match.

beginning topics

These are just a handful of the discussion topics that we will begin with:

Kasparov - the Greatest Chess Player Ever?

Will Chess-playing Computers Become Unbeatable?

Deep Blue Technology @ Work

Human and Machine Thinking

The Next Wave in Computing

Developing a New and Improved Deep Blue

Game-by-Game Discussions for Novices, Experienced Players, and Experts

Teaching a Computer to Play Chess

Chess through History

My Own Chess History

The Park Bench Chess Psychology

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